Real safety. Real health. Real difference.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.



Alex Thomas – How do we help people be safer on farms?

Katrina Myers catches up with Alex Thomas to discuss all things health and safety on farms. Alex also shares her personal story of her Dad’s illness and health challenges and how this has impacted her throughout her life and inspired her work.


Episode 24 – Alex Thomas on why safety matters

Rural and remote health and safety is super important but it can be hard to cut through. In this episode, meet Alex Thomas – one woman who is making a difference to farms and families across Australia through her work and her advocacy campaign #PlantASeedForSafety.


Alex Thomas – Nairne

In this episode, Neil chats to speaker, consultant, facilitator, social entrepreneur and diehard advocate for the health, safety and well-being of rural men, women and children, Alex Thomas from Nairne in South Australia.


Are women the biggest influencers in farm safety culture?

Approaching farmers with a rule book is unlikely to work. But rural women are often in a unique position to influence health and safety culture. Many of us have worked off-farm in large organisations which already have a strong safety culture. And many of us take up the admin and HR role while raising young kids. In this episode, hear some great safety ‘influencer’ advice from Alex Thomas, Danyel Cucinotta and Jacquie Cotton.


Farmcast with special guest Alex Thomas

Our special guest this month is Alex Thomas, a “gal” from the bush who has drawn her life experience and professional experience together to become a passionate voice for practical farm safety. Alex is now a sought after speaker and consultant, and in this episode she gives us a good introduction to her campaigns: #PlantASeedForSafety and #SaveALifeListenToYourWife.


Alex Thomas – Keeping Farmers Safe

Alex Thomas is the founder of #PlantASeedForSafety. Inspired by her father, a farmer in Australia who was permanently disabled as a result of life on the land, she has become a proponent for the health and safety of those in rural communities. As a result, she’s worked with rural women committed to the health and safety of their loved ones and the sustainability of rural communities and coining the phrase: “save a life, listen to your wife”.


Alex Thomas – #PlantASeedForSafety

Rural Safety advocate Alex Thomas talks about her #PlantASeedForSafety initiative, aimed at putting women at the forefront of farm safety. After a lifetime of caring for her station-owner father and working in the WH&S sector of regional industry, Alex is passionate about making safety awareness an everyday way of life and not a box-ticking exercise in compliance.

As Alex says, “paperwork never saved a life.”

She explains what makes rural women the key to more engaged safety practices.


Dad’s the inspiration for what I do

Alex Thomas has always looked up to her dad. From her earliest days escaping the school room to shadowing him on the family’s sheep station in remote South Australia to caring for him. Today, Alex is an established social entrepreneur putting health and safety front and centre for those in rural communities, ultimately helping get people home at the end of the day.


The Conflict Coach, The Kate Russell podcast with Alex Thomas

Kate talks with Alex Thomas who is passionate about the health and safety of people particularly in rural industries and communities.


Alex Thomas: The Health and Safety Hangover

Inspired by her experiences as a part-time carer for her disabled father as a result of his life’s work in agriculture, Alex Thomas is the founder of the globally acclaimed #PlantASeedForSafety project and is a fierce advocate for the health, safety and wellbeing of those in rural industries and communities.


“#SaveALifeListenToYourWife” with Alex Thomas & Harriet Bremner

#SaveALifeListenToYourWife. That’s the message coming from Safer Farms campaign #PlantASeedForSafety set to bring stronger awareness to on-farm health and safety. Sarah’s Country is joined by Australian founder Alex Thomas and Safer Farms’ Harriet Bremner.


Australian Entrepreneurs Ep #01 – Alex Thomas FGLF

Episode #1 Talking Leadership: Australian Entrepreneurs.  A very open and frank discussion regarding Alex Thomas’ journey and views as an entrepreneur in South Australia.


 #PlantASeedForSafety – The Rural Wellness Podcast

Alex Thomas discusses the #PlantASeedForSafety Project, why she has started this movement, and what we can do at home plus everything else in-between when it comes to safety.



On Regional Voices, Alex Thomas tells Kendi Burness-Cowan how having conversations can lead to practical solutions – so everyone in farming, including family members who might not be out working on the property every day, talk about safety.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.