Real safety. Real health. Real difference.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.


From home school on a sheep station to the mining camps of the Pilbara, to research in Norwegian fisheries and caring for my disabled Dad – there’s nothing I love more than telling a good story. To command the attention of an audience, and to hold the space in the room.

Because truthfully? I’m an extreme extrovert.

I’m also an eternal empath, a *recovering* (?) perfectionist and a fierce advocate for the health, safety and wellbeing of those in rural industries and communities. I’m a lover of all-things-agriculture, I’m not afraid of vulnerability and I’m certainly no stranger to the stage. 

As a speaker? I aspire to achieve three things: to tell stories with courage, to dispel fact from fiction and to inspire and motivate people to ACTION. (Which in the field of health and safety is a rarity, let’s be honest!)

From triumph to tribulation, light-bulb moment to (uncontrollable) laughter, my speaking style is inspired by the foolproof framework that is TED. Nope, no death by PowerPoint, no fluffy word salad, no ‘I’m so bored I want to poke my eye out with a stick’.

From international conferences to field days, industry forums to boardrooms, I’m comfortable with any audience, and no two presentations are ever the same. Consider the topics below a tasting board and we’ll work together to customise a presentation to best suit your needs.

Topics include...

It’s time to approach work health and safety in rural industries and communities differently.

In response to a drastic need to dispel the dangerous stereotype that work health and safety equals policies, procedures and paperwork, this presentation is all about turning the dial from ‘compliance’ to care.

It’s about understanding that a corporate approach to influencing change is like trying to put a square plug in a round hole, and that positivity, proactivity and practicality is key.

Based on a lifetime’s experience and a bucket load of empirical evidence, these are the cold, hard facts about what needs to be done to enable safer, healthier outcomes for those in rural industries and communities.

As one of my most popular presentations, this has been designed to help businesses, leaders, agri-corporates and community groups to re-calibrate and re-energise the conversation around health and safety.

93% of work-related fatalities in agriculture happen to men. What role can women play in reducing this shocking statistic?

There’s no denying that rural women are the backbone of rural industries and communities.

They’re key influencers in their homes, businesses, communities and industries, and they’re already inspiring those around them to make safer, healthier choices.

Women have been planting seeds in the minds of men for generations, but how is this conversation currently taking place, and what needs to be done to amplify it? How is her role any different, and what can she do to dismantle the ‘tough as nails’ mentality amongst rural men?

This presentation is designed for anyone who’d like an insight into the unique role rural women play in improving health and safety, what it means to ‘plant a seed for safety’ and why more men should save a life, by listening to their wife!

This presentation is suitable for both male and female audiences, and explores the underpinning theory for social change initiative #PlantASeedForSafety.

Flooded with a sea of policies, procedures and paperwork, plus frequency rates, forms and injury claims, it’s not surprising that many business owners and leaders are feeling less-than-enthusiastic when it comes to work health and safety.

After all, you can’t wrap people in cotton wool, and you can’t ‘make’ them do the right thing.

So what’s the incentive to ‘do’ work health and safety, and what does good health and safety look like? How can a business step beyond box-ticking and towards a culture of care, while still satisfying the intent of the law?

Designed for medium to large-sized businesses who are ready to challenge the underwhelming status quo, this presentation offers a refreshing, evidence-based approach to improving work health and safety.

Born and raised in a notoriously dry part of South Australia, I’m effectively a ‘drought baby’. As a result, I have a comical fetish for even the slightest sniff of a wet front coming down from the north, the sound of rain on a tin roof and the (not-so) cumbersome task of fixing flood gates.

But this presentation isn’t about me – it’s about the profound and lasting impact that one person’s response to a crisis can have on their family and their livelihood. It’s about unpacking the internal and external influences that inform our choices, and about taking back control over our health, safety and wellbeing.

This presentation has been designed for anyone wanting to explore the social context of health, safety and wellbeing in rural communities, and is particularly useful for rural audiences currently navigating a crisis. It challenges the stigma surrounding mental health, and encourages the audience to be uplifted and motivated to do things differently.

Need a light, bright and high-energy MC for your next event?

Gee whizz I love being MC. Lucky for me, I’ve had the privilege of MC’ing industry forums, State award ceremonies, panels, weddings and everything in between.

For me, preparation is key – and I’m acutely aware of how important it is to both set and read the energy in the room.

Naturally, I’m an (extreme) extrovert, and I’m not afraid to leverage a tasteful sense of humour.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.

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Real safety. Real health. Real difference.